Vinyl Fence Decoration Ideas

We spend time making our gardens beautiful all-year round. Why not make our fences the best backdrops for our blooms?

Give your garden fences some lovin’ with these fun Pinterest-worthy ideas:


Victorian Style Garden

Go back in time and channel the Victorian era with ornate decorations on your vinyl fence.


Styling Ideas


Still on the Fence

Get a vinyl fence accessory rail hanger, a flower pot, and then plant brightly colored blooms to give your fence a nice color splash.


Additional Styling Ideas


Let there Be Lanterns

Add a sophisticated and elegant vibe to your vinyl fences, especially at night. Hang lanterns on your fence and enjoy the added lighting effect.

Additional Styling Ideas


Theme Up!

Got extra materials lying around in your garage? Think of the items and see if you can come up with a theme like this one – spare door and wooden window frames do the trick.

Additional Styling Ideas


Fence Flower Boxes

Who says you can only use plant boxes by the window? Accentuate your vinyl fence with a line of flower boxes.

Additional Styling Ideas



Do you have any fun, decorative ideas in mind? Share with us in the comments section below.

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