Fence Gate Latch and Fence Assesories

No fence is complete without a way to secure it closed. In upcoming posts we will be looking at the various types of gate latches.  As you local Charlotte fence company we can help you find the right latch for your gate.

Paramount Vinyl Fencing Is The Perfect Southern Strategy



Paramount Privacy Fencing
Paramount Privacy Fencing

When you live or install fencing in the hotter areas of the US like the south, the sun’s rays are a powerful element testing force which can fade both wood and vinyl. Up till now the “weathered” look would require replacement or painting. Our Paramount vinyl fencing was made to combat this very issue. This fencing is designed to not corrode and is fade resistant. This is one tough fence. It’s designed to look great much longer for your enjoyment. Yet another cost cutting factor to consider.

Most of our vinyl fencing will provide homeowners and fencing contractors many benefits, but the Paramount line of vinyl fencing really takes quality to the next level.


The Use of Fencing Has Become a Key Safety Feature in American Schools

FencingGrowing concerns over safety in American schools have prompted many districts to consider implementing more stringent security measures. An issue that has become a key topic of discussion is the use of fencing to bolster campus security. The National School Safety Center has highlighted the control of campus access as an integral dimension of strategic preparation for schools, with proponents arguing that fencing not only provides sufficient protection, but with effective planning and budget allocation, it can be aesthetically pleasing.

Properly chosen fencing presents a number of safety advantages. In particular, it supports the security-enhancing principles of crime prevention:

  • Designating school grounds as carefully maintained, well-defined spaces that deserve respect.
  • Allowing surveillance by law enforcement and school staff.
  • Restricting access to areas that are not highly visible.
  • Restricting exit and entry points to a few easily monitored areas.

Fencing material shouldn’t be easy to vandalize, climb or cut. Decorative fences, such as aluminum, are considered to be the best in these cases. Good quality decorative fences are also low in maintenance which, over the years, saves money. Although chain-link might be the most economical option, it’s easy to vandalize and climb.

Playground fencing also helps define spaces for different age-groups, while promoting student safety. Staff can easily monitor children who cannot leave the playground inadvertently. Moreover, the fencing should have access points that are wide enough for emergency vehicles.

At World Class Fence Distributors, we provide high-quality vinyl and aluminum fencing for residential and commercial properties across the nation. We talk to every customer to guarantee satisfaction. Visit this page and follow the easy steps to place your online order.

Fencing Etiquette 101: How to Avoid Disputes with Your Neighbors

FencingYou’re ready to install new fencing in your yard, and you’re excited about the way it will turn out. There’s just one problem – you’re not sure if your neighbors will love the new fencing as much as you do. To prevent potential problems with those who live near you, consider these etiquette guidelines:

  • Observe your property boundaries—Don’t risk having to take out your fencing after it’s been installed by even going an inch over your property line. Before you start the installation, review exactly where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins.
  • Follow the rules of your homeowners’ association—Your neighborhood’s homeowners’ association may have rules about the style and/or height of the fencing you’re allowed to put in. Make sure you educate yourself regarding these guidelines before putting in a new fence.
  • Share your plans—Although you don’t need your neighbor’s permission to put up a new fence, it is still courteous to inform them of your plans before you start the installation process. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go over your design plans with them, but just give them a brief indication that a fence will be going up in the near future. Doing this will also give you the opportunity to resolve any existing property line issues.
  • Maintain your fencing—Maintaining your fence properly is the best way to ensure your fencing enhances the overall appearance of your property and that your neighbors don’t have anything to get angry over.

If you’ve already reviewed your property boundaries, homeowners’ association guidelines, and let your neighbors know about your new fence, but haven’t found the right fencing, check out our selection. At World Class Fence Distributors, we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!