Aluminum Fence vs. Wrought Iron Fence

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Now, let’s get back to our fence match, Aluminum fencing Versus Iron Fencing.

Wrought Iron Fence


We’ve already compared vinyl versus wood fencing and vinyl won the prize. In this article, we’ll pit wrought iron against aluminum fence. Both fences provide security while showcasing a beautifully manicured landscape but which one is better?

Let’s compare these two fencing solutions in terms of appearance, maintenance, and cost.

Read on to find out which one will win.



A wrought iron fence brings a traditional look and an elegant atmosphere to a property with its thin railings and black powder coating. Think of the White House’s famous fence. It helps project an open ambiance without sacrificing security. Even the simplest designs such as a picket fence with rails provide the same sophisticated style. You can also opt to go for a more adorned look with elaborately designed pointed tops and rails with patterns.

One downside is iron is not very flexible and is only recommended for use on flat landscapes. However, if you think your fence will be subject to wear and tear and if you are looking for a heavy-duty option (just like the White House), consider a wrought iron fence.

Aluminum fences look like its wrought iron equivalent, except that the material is lighter. An aluminum panel weighs around 12lbs while a wrought iron one comes at 47lbs. There are also more grades, colors, and styles to choose from. You can choose from a variety of residential aluminum fencing styles or opt for the heavier commercial aluminum fencing varieties. When you pick aluminum fences, you get the same stylish look from a wrought iron fence without having to spend as much (more on this in the Cost section). Aluminum is more malleable than wrought iron; it is the best option for difficult landscapes such as hilly or sloped terrains.

THIS MATCH GOES TO: Depends on your preference. Since both fences provide the same traditional and classy look, you’ll have to look beyond appearances to really choose which one will suit your fencing needs.



Iron is an element that rusts when exposed to oxygen in the air, water, and moisture. To keep a wrought iron fence as beautiful as it was on the day it was first installed, you will have to do preventive steps to maintain it and keep it from rusting. If in case you could already see rust on your wrought iron fence, you would have to scrub the rust off and take care not to scratch the paint off. However, if the rusting has become so bad and the paint has already peeled off, you might need to consider giving your fence a facelift with a repainting job.

On the other hand, aluminum does not rust. It’s also the same material used in airplanes; air carriers are more often exposed to rain, weather, and temperature changes. Since aluminum is used to build a plane, then we can say that it really is durable and will last for a very long time. Aluminum fences require little maintenance – mainly for removing dirt and keeping it clean. 

THIS MATCH GOES TO: Aluminum. Who wants to waste time doing maintenance work? Over time, both wrought iron and aluminum will corrode (due to environmental factors) but aluminum has properties that deter corrosion. An aluminum fence will look elegant longer than a wrought iron fence will because iron, in its natural state, is prone to rusting.



Iron is a heavier metal compared to aluminum. This makes it more expensive to design and manufacture. When you add the upfront payment and the maintenance costs that will come thereafter, wrought iron fences make for an expensive fencing option. You will also have to get professional help in putting up these fences because of its weight and the nature of its material needs special tools for installation.

Aluminum fences are lighter so production costs are cheaper. It is also easier to DIY install an aluminum fence so if you wish to further cut down on costs, you can DIY it and save on installation costs. Because there are also minimal maintenance costs along the way, aluminum fences cost lesser than a wrought iron fence would.

THIS MATCH GOES TO: Hands down aluminum.


When it comes to appearance, maintenance, and costs, aluminum is the clear winner.



One thought on “Aluminum Fence vs. Wrought Iron Fence”

  1. I have to disagree with the aluminum choice here. I have a wrought iron fence in my yard and with basic maintenance and preventative care it’s standing strong as ever and looking good doing it. Aluminum is fine if you don’t want to have to take care of it but iron has such great strength and character that I can’t deny.

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