Why Avoid Wood Fencing? Here’s the Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing

Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing

When considering the balance of ascetics vs durability when choosing fencing materials you may consider wood vs vinyl fencing. Both have pros and cons. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of wood fencing.

Pros of Wood Fences:

  • A traditional and classic look.
  • A wider varieties of colors.
  • Easy to personalize the look of wood fences with planters and other decorations such as stenciling patterns.

Cons of Wood Fences:

  • Lots of maintenance to prevent fungus, yearly repainting or staining.
  • Vulnerability to termites and other pest.
  • Wood rot.
  • Warping.
  • Without improper installation, the posts for wood fences tend to sink below ground level which can warp the fence.

In an upcoming fencing article we will compare wood fencing vs vinyl fencing. If you have questions you’d like answers to now, give Charlotte’s Leading fencing supplier, World Class Fencing a call today at  (704) 662-9600

Vinyl or Aluminum Fence for Swimming Pools? Both are a Great Choice!

Aluminum fenceBuying fencing for a pool is an investment in the health and safety of your family and friends. When you have made the decision to purchase it, you will be confronted with several choices, but the main aspects to consider are rust and UV protection, strength, security, aesthetics and, of course, your budget. Here, we’re going to focus on a vinyl or aluminum fence – two relatively modern materials that are gradually taking over from traditional wood and chain link fencing.

  • Vinyl: Typically, the sections are 8 ft., but they can be easily cut to accommodate the desired size. Vinyl offers a fresh, clean look, and in comparison to wrought iron and wood fencing, it’s inexpensive and maintenance-free. If you live in an area of high winds, have an aluminum insert put in the bottom rail to provide extra stability.
  • Aluminum Fence: Durable, attractive and strong, it can be easily installed by DIYers with relatively little frustration and time. There is a huge array of grades, colors, heights and styles available, so in order to be happy with your final choice, do some homework.

In addition to choosing a vinyl or aluminum fence for your pool, you’ll also have to consider buying a gate. You can get a self-locking gate or choose one that requires a combination or key.

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