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Charlotte Fencing Supply Company Announces New Contractor Partner Program

Contractor Partner Program

The New Program at World Class Fence Distributors Will Lead to Lower Prices and Increased Profitability


CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 18, 2015 World Class Fence Distributors, a Charlotte fence supply company, is pleased to announce a new Contractor Partner Program that is designed to result in lower prices and increased profitability.

As Mark Kennedy, owner of World Class Fence Distributors noted, the new program is aimed at contractors, installers and other professionals throughout the continental United States who are contracted to install fencing.

In order to make the Contractor Partner Program as easy to use as possible, Kennedy said the company website was recently updated to make it more user friendly for ordering vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing, fencing accessories and rails.

The key benefits of the program are to provide the contractor with the best pricing possible, to expedite the ordering process and to have pricing, specifications and other information readily available,” Kennedy said, adding that the company was inspired to start the Contractor Partner Program to provide their contractors with ease of access to their pricing and specifications.

We realize that when contractors are seeking pricing time is of the essence.

Professionals who become part of the program will also have access to the dedicated and friendly staff at World Class Fence Distributors; they will do everything they can to ensure program members receive the best prices and fastest delivery.

From vinyl and aluminum fencing and a complete line of accessories, Kennedy said the company’s contractor partners will find everything they need to complete any job, big or small.

Anybody who would like to learn more about World Class Fence Distributors is welcome to visit their newly-updated website. There, they can read more about their fencing product as well as the new Contractor Partner Program.

About World Class Fence Distributors:

At World Class Fence Distributors they are first in class and first in service providing aluminum and vinyl fencing. The owners of World Class Fencing Distributors have 40-plus years of experience in the fencing industry and today they offer many styles and sizes on a national level. They invite customers to experience quality and professionalism that World Class Fence Distributors has to offer. For more information, please visit http://worldclassfencedistributors.com

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What is the World’s Largest Fence?

Dingo Barrier Fence


The world’s largest fence as recorded by Guinness World Records is 3437 miles long. It stands at 6 feet high and a foot below ground. Or otherwise known to Australians as the Dingo Barrier Fence. This make it not just the longest fence in the world, but also one of the longest structures in the world.
Dingo puppiesAccording to Wikipedia:

The Dingo Fence or Dog Fence is a pest-exclusion fence that was built in Australia during the 1880s and finished in 1885, to keep dingoes out of the relatively fertile south-east part of the continent (where they had largely been exterminated) and protect the sheep flocks of southern Queensland.

NO! The Dingo Won’t Get Your Baby

But it may get your sheep. the fence has helped reduce losses of sheep to predators such as the Dingo. In just one station, Dingos killed over 11,000 sheep in less than a year. Those are some hungery dingos!

Fence Construction

The fence was made mostly of high wire mesh about 5 feet tall. Some areas to the south in Australia are made of a multi-strand electric fence.

dingo barrier fence section


We have to say, from one Fencing Company to another, that’s a heck of a fence.  If your home or commercial structure has a need for a slightly shorter fence, then give us a call. We have the fencing supplies and accessories to finish most any job.

Vinyl Fencing is 5 Times Stronger than Wood!

Vinyl FencingAs far as the old saying “good fences make good neighbors” goes, the decision of what type of fencing to choose can do a lot to foster good relationships. Vinyl is an excellent material because of its durability and strength, its ability to improve property values and curb appeal, and its ease of maintenance. Yes, you can impress your neighbors and enhance the overall aesthetics of your block with vinyl fencing.

Properly installed vinyl fencing will last a lifetime. It’s 5 times stronger than wood, and it’s flexible and can stand up to rain and high winds. You must have driven around your neighborhood after a large storm and seen a number of collapsed wooden fences. Well, that won’t happen with vinyl, and since it doesn’t absorb moisture, the posts, boards and accessories won’t rot, rust, peel or blister.

Unlike chain link or wood fencing, vinyl doesn’t need any additional stains, sealants or paint to maintain its original color and beauty. And if it is ever a victim of vandalism or graffiti, most stains come off easily with water, a household cleaner and a bit of elbow grease. Because quality vinyl fencing is made to last a lifetime, when the time comes to sell your home, potential buyers will recognize this as one element they won’t ever have to worry about replacing.

At World Class Fence Distributors, we provide high-quality vinyl and aluminum fencing for residential and commercial properties across the nation. We talk to every customer to guarantee satisfaction. Visit this page and follow the easy steps to place your online order.