Not Every Vinyl Fence is Created Equally – Be Aware of the Ingredients

vinyl fenceThere are many types and brands of fencing on the market today, and navigating them can often be compared to navigating a mine field, even for a seasoned professional! So here are a few important facts to take into account when choosing a vinyl fence for your business or home.

Pay attention to the ingredients – not all vinyl fencing is created equal. Professional grade fences are made from virgin PVC (vinyl), while consumer grade fences are frequently made with recycled plastics – often scraps obtained from the good stuff. Many brands actually have their professional grade materials available only from professional deck and fence dealers. They then make a separate brand for big box stores.

While it’s important to use recycled materials and shop for eco-friendly green fencing products, the truth is that some are less desirable because fencing must withstand sun damage, high winds and other weather elements. A vinyl fence made with inferior recycled plastics will often become brittle, sag, warp and fade prematurely, especially in cold climates.

Also pay attention to the length of the posts. An inferior grade vinyl fence often comes with shorter posts. The posts should be long enough to extend into concrete footers for stability. Moreover, the fence thickness is often less than a professionally graded product, and the picket size is smaller as well.

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