Key Things to Take into Account before You Order Your Fence

Vinyl is fast becoming the preferred alternative to traditional wood fences. While it may cost more initially, vinyl will pay for itself many times because it lasts longer and needs virtually no maintenance. In the fencing industry, vinyl is a relatively new material, which can mimic both rail and wood panel fences without fading, rotting or showing the effects of time and weather. It’s the ideal choice for a beautiful, easy to maintain fencing system.

Before you order your fence, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. order your fenceWhat is the function of the fence?
  2. What style will accomplish this function best?
  3. What style will complement the architecture of my home and my landscaping?

Another good thing to do before you order your fence is to familiarize yourself with some terminology:

  • Posts – These are the 4x4s which are set firmly into the ground to provide stability.
  • Terminal Posts or Main Posts are found on either side of all gates and at the corners of the fence.
  • Line Posts provide attachment points for fence panels, as well as stability.
  • Rails are the horizontal supports that run between posts.
  • Bay refers to the space between the posts.

Finally, before you order your fence, take the time to lay it out carefully. Use graph paper to make drawing easier. A wrong measurement now may result in big problems later.

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