Commercial Fencing for Smart Safety and Security Solutions

commercial fencingThese days it’s an unpleasant fact that security measures to protect homes and commercial buildings have to be more robust than ever before. Industrial espionage, increasing crime and vandalism means that business owners need to be more vigilant by implementing security systems that provide a strong deterrent.

Commercial fencing is typically used to border country estates, parks, sports fields, schools, public spaces, and business premises. Modern solutions offer fully integrated perimeter protection with access control and high-security fencing.

Technological advances mean that there is now a choice of fencing types to suit the environment, aesthetics and local regulations. Commercial fencing can be tailored to suit a particular site and blend in with the building’s design and location. There are a number of styles that can be adapted to become “smart” fences with vibration detectors incorporated into the system.

Aluminum palisades, for example, present a clear and strong message to would-be intruders. They also come with optional features, such as sharp points which make the fence virtually impossible to scale. Various colors allow this type of fencing to have a less industrial look, which will blend in with most environments. It’s also, therefore, a perfect choice for apartment and condominium complexes. Aluminum commercial fencing can be installed quickly to save on labor costs.

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